“It was a fantastic online magic show! I’ve already had so many people pinging me to say how amazing you are!” – Caroline Scapin, Facebook/Meta

People react to Zoom magic show


Pete is without doubt the world’s leading Zoom Magician, with clients including Apple, Google, Facebook, Innocent, Twitch, and literally hundreds more. His fun, fast-paced and amazing online magic shows are the perfect way to liven up your virtual corporate events.

From virtual team-building events and networking events to online conferences and even after-work Zoom socials, a virtual magician brings people together and energises any online meeting (Webex, Teams, Skype etc work too).

“I couldn’t have been more sceptical about it, but the whole thing blew my mind. Even through a screen, people were entertained and slightly unnerved at how on Earth he managed to perform such sorcery” – Alexandra Haddow, writing in the NME (click here for full article)

Zoom magician Pete’s style is energetic, funny and engaging, and his virtual magician tricks are genuinely jaw-dropping. It’s fully interactive too, and gets the whole team involved. You don’t just watch – you take part. See what people are saying about the online magic show here:




Pete joins your Zoom meeting, or online conference (Zoom is the standard but Teams, Meet, Webex etc all work well too). You make Pete a co-host a host, so he can spotlight himself and the people he is interacting with. Then you sit back and let Pete take over, as the virtual magic show begins.

Random company members are selected from the gallery, and everyone gets involved with the magic.

Sure, they can’t actually PICK a card, but they can think of one.

Or maybe they think of a word. Any word. Or any number. Or anything at all.

Pete not only guesses it, but shows beyond any doubt that he knew what you were going to say before the call even began, in an incredibly entertaining show that blends visual magic with mind reading, great jokes, and impossible predictions.

Doesn’t sound possible? Try it and see.

A virtual magic show involves mind reading, and visual magic too, but this is nothing like watching a Youtube video.

Everything is completely interactive, and the magic relates to you and your team, which means every show is different and feels special. You are involved, and, as a result, you are way more invested. Your guests bond and interact in a way that doesn’t normally happen in Zoom meetings. Watch Pete’s videos to see the laughter and amazement this generates.




The cost of a virtual magic show depends on a couple of things – from the length of the online magic show to the time of day and the number of participants. Get in touch for a quick quote…

Pete offers a few different Zoom Magician packages, from a fun and fast paced 15 minute show all the way to a full 60 min virtual team-building experience. You can even go for a fully bespoke customised virtual magic show featuring company themes/products and branding.

Send Pete a quick email HERE for more information and a few different options… He’ll get back to you straight away – normally within minutes.


Pete is the world’s leading Zoom magician. He was the first magician in the world to offer a Virtual Magic Show, and he has performed over a thousand Zoom magic shows since then (which, if you think about it, is a lot of shows). Clients include Apple, Google, AstraZeneca, Accenture, Twitch, Facebook and hundreds more . He is also the star of a number of TV magic series and you can currently watch him in Around The World in 80 Tricks (Amazon Prime), School Of Hard Tricks (BBC3, available on iPlayer), and Secrets Of The Brain (Insight HD, Sky).

Pete also taught Dumbledore (well, Jude Law, who talked about Pete on the Graham Norton show after he hired Pete as his magic consultant for Fantastic Beasts 2).


“We were blown away by our Zoom session with Pete. His online magic tricks are insane!” Katie Humphrey

“What a fabulous Virtual Corporate Event. Pete, you were great and very engaging. Thank you” Kirstie Traas

“Firstly the booking process was really easy and the follow up communication very good.
Pete was really engaging from the start and his tricks were totally mind boggling! We haven’t stopped talking about it since. He has really nailed using the medium of zoom for magic.
Thank you Pete!” Mary Kenny

“Fantastic! Personable, professional, creative. Our Zoom magic show was a complete hit with everyone. They are still talking about Pete Heat’s show now! Highly recommended” Melanie Goodrich

“Days later we are wondering how he did the tricks. Maybe magic really exists! If it does, Pete is the master. Well worth the price”. Rebecca L Medford

“Best Zoom Meeting EVER!!! Would recommend to anybody!” Debbie Fullick

“Pete’s Zoom magic show was mind blowing! We can’t stop talking about it! We had a mixed group of adults and children and it was perfect for us all. Pete was so friendly and brilliantly included us all. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Book him if you can!” Katharine Vile

“Absolutely amazing, totally entertaining and a tonic for Covid lockdown” Daniel K Thorne

“How does he do it ?! A five star show ! We were mystified ! Fantastic virtual entertainment. Would highly recommend – we are big fans ! He’s so good it captivates you throughout ! We’ve told all our family and friends to book a show ! Thanks Pete Heat for a fab evening” Janette Moran

“Second time for me…. just as amazing as the first!” Dominic Lynch

“Very entertaining show. Thanks Pete” Callum Beveridge

“Brilliant, very slick. Audience participation was at a good level. Would definitely book again. The whole group loved him (ages 9 -> 82!)” Charles Massey

“Very cool ! Great show- highly recommended- we loved it x” Helen Randle

“An absolutely fantastic show. The fact that Pete has managed to change his act to work online is testament to his skills and ability as a performer” – Craig Richards

“Really great start to the evening. Thank you” – Carla Stockton Jones

“Our second time seeing Pete, highly recommended- really friendly, great tricks – still trying to figure out how the magic works! Thanks so much!” Rachael Wright

“Awesome Zoom magician session! Great for all family & colleagues, def recommend to others” Julia Livesey

“Great fun, thoroughly enjoyed the event” Lynda Ogilvie

“Fantastic! A fun, jaw dropping performance was delivered for all to enjoy and participate in. Thoroughly enjoyable” Zoe Curran

“Still trying to figure out how he does this!! Amazing”  Carol Ralston

“Awesome show. What a great way to bring the magic to your home!” Andy Chandler

“Fantastic and very magical online show” Carol Rule

“Absolutely fabulous! Have recommended to my friends and arranging to book again” Leanne Park

“Excellent Zoom show, would highly recommend” Geoff Jones

“Simply brilliant! You transported us away from the worries of the day, with your amazing magic. Thank you!” Alexander Acland

“Pete was great and particularly good at making everyone join in. My lot loved it.” June Saywell

“Mind blowing! Wonderful! Absolutely outstanding!” Mark Warren

“So much fun! Pete was fun, fascinating and amazing- had us all wondering how he did it!” Rachel Scheel

“What an excellent magician and seemingly lovely chap! Professional, friendly, super-organised, responsive, brilliant and fun. We enjoyed online video entertainment from Pete when he joined our virtual gathering -and we’re equally sure he’d be great in person too. Real life or virtual, book him, everyone!” Amanda Cooke

“Great virtual show for a lockdown birthday. The tricks had us all amazed!” Elisa Carron

“We were all absolutely amazed at the magic Pete did for us! Incredible !!” Hollie Kendall

“Amazing – a really enjoyable lockdown party” Sarah Day

“Amazing! Mind blowing, fabulous entertainment. Really wonderful, highly recommend. Really surprised hoe good it was to do this virtually!” Emma Langton

“Absolutely terrific! Pete is an incredibly skilful and really engaging magician and the whole show was great fun and with truly amazing tricks that have still left us totally baffled! Thanks Pete” Alan Kilby

“Awesome and engaging fun! So happy to have been referred to Pete Heat during quarantine!” Maya Herm

“Pete Heat puts on a very entertaining, clever show. We are still trying to work out how he did the tricks. Great fun” Maryanna Rann

“Pete was amazing to watch. Clever and lovely guy who ensured everyone could participate. I’d recommend for any occasion” Carol Raymond

“What a fantastic show! We were in awe of the tricks. Highly recommend a night in with Pete!” Catherine Miller

“Great show – and really smooth booking service!” Harshad Kale

“Pete Heat is extremely entertaining and the best close up magician I have seen. The mind reading is mind boggling and his close up tricks excellent” Tina Harwood

“Pete was fantastic! We had so much fun and still in complete awe of his show ! Was great choice to book you Pete, Thank you again – from Citizens Advice Bromley!” Gulsah Ilhan

“Fantastic! Best lockdown activity so far” Helena Silver

“Brilliant – Top class entertainment for a lockdown world. We are still left pondering ‘how did he do that…’ ;). We’ve been inundated with messages from our friends and family how much they enjoyed the show. Thank you so much” Anne Marie Pearce

“Booked an online performance with Pete, not quite knowing what to expect and the whole show was just amazing. Left everyone (from the UK, Spain and Australia) totally “gob-smacked”!! Pete is an incredible talent and would love to see him entertain live (after the “Lockdown” is over) – brilliant! Neil Jury

“What a great idea! Pete’s appearance at our party was a brilliant highlight – his fabulous tricks genuinely worked on zoom. Would definitely recommend” Ruth Roff

“Gobsmacking magic, brilliant delivery, personal touches and fabulous entertainment, guests all LOVED it” Suzie Cullen

“Such a great show! What a brilliant idea. Perfect amount of entertainment for a group zoom. Will highly recommend to everyone I know!” Georgina Rosoman

“I have seen dozens of magicians up close and Pete was so much the best. Our whole family were in awe. Literally blew us away” Ros Serrelli

“Exceptionally slick and extremely well managed set. Thoroughly recommend to all” Luke Shaw

“Pete Heat entranced us all, his show is charming and mind boggling. I’ve already recommended him to all my friends and family. He’s worth it” Mary Sanver

“Pete was brilliant. Funny, engaging and really extraordinary tricks. Still wondering how he does what he does. I wasn’t sure how an online magic show would work. It worked like magic!” Claire Jost

“Having heard about Pete from Iain Lee on his radio show, I booked the Online magic show for my husbands lockdown birthday, and Pete was awesome! The whole show was very well thought out and it didn’t matter that it was online. All of the tricks were amazing and we will be wondering how on Earth he did it for years! Especially as he involved more than one person for some of the tricks. And the denouement was the icing on the birthday cake! I was inundated with messages of thanks and amazement from everyone who was able to join. Totally recommended- worth every penny! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ !!! Deborah Neville

“Pete was very friendly and engaging, and his tricks were phenomenal. Led to a lot of (fruitless) discussions about “how he did it”. In the end, we concluded Witchcraft. I can’t really think of a better way to spend half an hour”. Ben Breen

“We all LOVED it!! Pete was so brilliant, his magic was incredible and his mind reading was unnervingly accurate. A perfect birthday present for my brother. Highly recommend!” Liv Morris

“Pete is such a friendly guy, a great host and a talented magician. We booked a virtual magic show for my friend’s birthday and it made the lockdown birthday so much more enjoyable for her. We loved every minute!!! Would highly recommend.” Melissa Martin

“Absolutely amazing! No words to describe how gobsmacked we all were. Somehow even more impressive that it’s through a video chat. Highly recommend. We’ve already done it twice!” Megan C

“Brilliant adaptation of of live show into a zoom experience. Had the attendees transfixed and then amazed and wanting more” Jason Batten

That’s probably enough reviews. There are literally hundreds more but you hopefully get the picture…